Centrelease was originally created in 1977 and by the mid ‘80s was the largest Lease Finance brokerage house in Australia.

Centrelease further developed from a broker to become one of the largest Lease Underwriters in Australia with a portfolio of equipment on lease that included a wide range of assets from office equipment for small businesses through to state and federal government departments to major motor vehicle fleets and several electricity generating turbines for a government owned power authority. The portfolio was sold in the early ‘90s to an Australian bank.
However, the strength and backbone of Centrelease was always its 30,000 small to medium (SME) sized business clients; financing their equipment and motor vehicle needs and assisting in their growth and development.

Centrelease Today

Originally founded in 1977, Centrelease today is a specialist in business and equipment finance operating in Australia. We are a boutique, independent, privately-owned brokerage and advising firm concentrating on the very best approach to asset leasing, vehicle fleet leasing and management, business finance, risk mitigation and liquidity.

We have developed a range of financially strong and reliable business partners who enable us to cover most of our selected financial spectrum.

Our clients mainly range across where we can be most competitive such as Small to Medium Enterprises, Not for Profit organizations; and their employees where novated leases can be an attractive feature for both. Most importantly we are able to advise and achieve strong delivery results in the shortest possible time for business clients. Centrelease welcomes all enquiries whether from a small trader wanting to expand through to established smaller and medium sized businesses where the expertise we can offer is extremely valuable.

Centrelease executive leadership comes through Douglas Blunt F.Fin who has had a long experience of over 40 years in financing business and has a wide range of contacts. His specialties include equipment leasing, trade finance and liquidity solutions both domestically and offshore. As both a very experienced career banker and now a broker, Doug is well qualified to offer specialist advice in a wide range of financial products, lending, risk mitigation and liquidity solutions where they are most needed.


Douglas R. Blunt, Managing Director

Douglas Blunt, F. Fin has held management positions with several AA rated banks and finance companies of more than 40 years in Australia as well as PNG and Singapore. His many senior positions included Trade, Credit and Correspondent Banking with Chase Manhattan Bank in Australia; Head of Trade Asia for Royal Bank of Canada; Trade, International Business Development and Lending for Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation; and then as consultant for marketing corporate receivables in Australia, New Zealand and Japan for Siemens Financial Services, Munich before joining Centrelease.

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